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Who we are

DoECO is a Russia owned and operated trademark part of the GDC group. We provide a complete range of sustainable packaging solutions which are 100% locally designed and developed in total compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards.

Innovation is at the core of our business. DoECO packaging is designed by our in-house RnD team and is made completely from eco-friendly paperboard resources combined with a special window covered by a unique biodegradable film, surpassing Chinese and European analogs.

Our unique first class manufacturing site is located in Russia and our warehouse facilities are based throughout Russia and Europe. Our eco-friendly packaging is ideal for all the catering services, restaurants, delis, cafes, takeaways, bakeries and coffee shops.

After reaching the major milestone of becoming a leader in Russia and CIS, our next big challenge is to be able to shape the food packaging mentality on a global basis. We will only manage that by creating and promoting eco-friendly packaging and inspire others to do the same.

We are on a constant quest to raise the bar and set new benchmarks in the food packaging industry in Russia and worldwide. We are committed to fight the growth of CO2 emissions and reduce the amount of waste produced in society by developing eco friendly and sustainable packaging.

Passion: Love what we do
Leadership: The power to change the food packaging mentality
Innovation: Never stop evolving
Safety: Always compliant to international standards
Quality: Manufacture high end food packaging
Diversity: Provide a wide range of packaging solutions
Sustainability: Fight the growth of CO2 emissions
Promise: Keep true to our commitments

Who we are - green

Our Story

We are Russia’s and CIS leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly food packaging and catering disposables!

For over 10 years we design and produce premium consumer packaging under the DoEco brand name. More than 6000 caterers, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants in 50+ countries use our cardboard food containers for the convenience of their customers and guests.

Our packaging became extremely popular because it makes food look stylish and eco-friendly at the same time. Along with upscale look, exceptional quality and environmental friendliness we offer low trade prices and convenient delivery with minimal turnarounds.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business!

We are the pioneers in promoting sustainable food packaging across Russia and CIS countries. All our products are largely manufactured from recyclable resources as an effort to help our customers endorse sustainable food packaging and improve their green credentials.

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

We advocate the use of sustainable packaging aimed to reduce CO2 emissions and help preserve the environment

Renewable materials
Renewable materials

All our packaging is made from readily recyclable paperboard resources


Most of our packaging is capable of being broken down and return to nature in a reasonably short period of time

100% Recyclable
100% Recyclable

All our paperboard packaging can be easily reprocessed and reused to help limit waste

DoECO in numbers

Packaging produced
Customers worldwide
Export countries
% Annual growth rate

Why choose our Packaging

We do ECO packaging and we are the best at what we do



Diverse sustainable packaging made from environmentally friendly and renewable paperboard materials

Grease & Waterproof

Grease & Waterproof

Entirely leak proof packaging perfect for liquid and moist food storage



All our food containers are 100% safe and suitable for microwave use



Exceptional look and design, surpassing European and Chinese analogs.


Produced from cardboard that can be recycled and reused to help reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials



All our packaging is produced in compliance with global environmental standards and is ISO and HACCP certified ensuring consistent safety and quality


Our Accreditations

Certifications 2018